1. Abrasion Resistance 耐磨性
   a. Martindale
      BS 5690   TM112   JIS L-1096   ASTM D4966   BS / DIN EN ISO 12947   AS 2001.2.25   FZ / T 20020
      i) Up to 10,000 rubs 第1个10,000转以下
      ii)Subsequent 10,000 rubs 每增加10,000转或以下
      iii)Shade Change 颜色变化
   b. Stoll Flat Abrader*
      ASTM D3886   JIS L-1096 (Woven)   JIS L1018 (Knit)   AS 2001.2.27
   c. Flex Abrasion*
      ASTM D3885   JIS L-1096 (Woven)   AS 2001.2.26
   d. Accelerotor
      JIS L-1018 (Knit)   JIS L-1096 (Woven) AATCC 93
   e. Flat Abrasion (Frostig)*
      AATCC 119   AATCC 120
   f. Taber Abrasion*
      ASTM D4685   ASTM D3884   AS 2001.2.28

2. Pilling Resistance 抗毛性
   a. ICI Pilling box ICI 起球箱法
      i) Up to 5 hours
         BS 5811   DIN EN ISO 12945-1   JIS L-1076   TM152   GB/T 4802.3
      ii)Subsequent 5 hours
   b. Random Tumbler 随机滚动法
      ASTM D3512   CAN Method 51.2   JIS L-1076*
   c. Martindale
      TM 196   ASTM D4970 SN 198525   BS/DIN EN ISO 12945-2   GB / T 4802.2

3. Snagging Resistance* 防钩丝
   a. ICI Mace Snag Tester
      ASTM D3939   JIS L-1058
   b. ICI Snag Box
      JIS L1058

4. Wrinkle / Crease Recovery 皱纹 / 折痕回复性
   a. Recovery Angle Method
      AATCC 66   DIN / BS EN 22313   CAN / CGSB-4.2 No. 45   ISO 2313   JIS L-1018 (Knit)   JIS L-1096 (Woven)

5. Stiffness* 布料硬挺度
   ASTM D1388   BS 3356   ASTM D4032   JIS L-1018   JIS L-1096   AS 2001.2.9

6. Stretch and Recovery 伸展及回复性
   a. Frymer Extension Meter
      BS 4294   JIS L-1018   JIS L-1096
   b. ASTM D2594* (Knitted Fabric)   ASTM D3107 (Woven Fabric)   BS 4952 (Elastic Fabric)   JIS L-1018   JIS L-1096   ASTM D4964   ASTM D6614*
   c. i) Extension & Modulus
      ii) Additional Modulus

7. Water Repellency 防水性
   a. Spray Test   喷淋法
      AATCC 22   DIN / BS EN 24920   CAN Method 26.2   ISO 4920   JIS L-1092   AS 2001.2.16   GB / T 4745
   b. Cup test* 杯子实验法
      U.S.Custom Rulings
   c. WIRA Shower (As Received)* WIRA 淋雨法   BS 5066
   d. Hydrostatic Head 静水压试验法
      AATCC 127   DIN / BS EN 20811 JIS L-1092   AS 2001.2.17   ISO 811   GB / T 4744
      i) Up to 2000mm
      iii)Above 5000mm
   e. Bundnessman*
      IN 53888   BS Handbook No.11*
   f. Rain Test 淋雨法   AATCC 35

8. Oil Repellency 防油性
   AATCC 118   SO 14419

9. Soil Release 防污
   AATCC 130

10. Needle Cutting 烧针现象*
   AATCC 1908

11. Flammability 燃烧性
   a. Textiles & Clothing 普通织物燃烧试验
      ASTM D1230   US CPSC CFR 16 Part 1610   美国消费品安全委员会联邦法规 16部分 1610章
   b. Children s Sleepwear 美国儿童睡衣燃烧试验
      i) DOC FF3 US CPSC CFR 16 Part 1615
      美国消费品安全委员会联邦法规 16部分 1615章商务部标准 FF3,尺寸 0-6X
   c. U.K.Flammability 英国睡衣燃烧试验
      U.K.Nightwear Reg.85;SI 1985 No.2043 英国睡衣安全法规 85;1985年法规文件第2043号
      BS 5722 / BS 5438 /BS 5651
      i) Without Flame Retardant (After I Wash) 无阻燃剂 (洗1次后)
      ii) Treated with Flame Retardant (After 12 Washes) 阻燃剂整理 (洗12次后)
   d. Flammability (Canada)
      i) Hazardous Product(Children s Sleepwear) Regulations
      1) Without Flame Retardant (after 1 wash)
      2) Treated with Flame Retardant (after 20 washes)
      3) Without Flame Retardant (after 1 dry clean)
      4) Treated with Flame Retardant (after 5 dry clean)
      ii) Hazardous Products Act
      ASTM D1230-61
   e. Sweden Fire Properties of Apparel Textiles
      KOVFS:1985 瑞典消费者政策局法规,1985年
   f. Australia Children s Nightclothes 澳大利亚儿童睡衣燃烧试验
      AS/NZS 1249
      i) Plain Surface Fabric-Category 1 Garment 平整表面的织物-1类服装
      a. Fabric(Test in accordance with ISO6941)
      b. Garment
      ii) Raised Surface Fabric-Category 1 Garment 起绒表面织物-1类服装
      a. Fabric(Test in accordance with ISO6941,ISO 10047)
      b. Garment
      iii) Category 2 Garment 2类服装
      a. Fabric(only for fabric with pile or nap) (Test in accordance with ISO 10047)
      b. Garment
      iv) All-in-one style garment -Category 3 Garment Sizes 00 to 2,Knitted fabric
      连身装(尺码00-2)- 3类服装
      a. Fabric(only for fabric with pile or map) (Test in accordance with ISO 10047)
      b. Garment
   g. Flame Spread Properties of Textile Fabrics 纺织织物火焰蔓延性
      ISO 6941;   BS/DIN EN ISO 6941 (As received)
   h. Ease of Ignition of Vertically Oriented Specimens 垂直向试样易点燃性
      ISO 6940; BS/DIN EN ISO 6940 (As received)
   i. Surface Flash 表面闪燃
      ISO 10047; GB/T 8745; BS 4569* (As received)
      k.Tents* 帐篷
      i) CPAI - 84 国际工业用布协会第84号标准
      Sec.6 Test - walls & tops 篷壁篷顶
      were unleached and unweathered(as received) 原样
      were leached and unweathered 已淋沥未风化样
      unleached and were weathered 未淋沥已风化样
      Sec.5 Test - flooring material 铺地材料
      were unleached and unweathered(as received) 原样
      were leached and unweathered 已淋沥未风化样
      unleached and were weathered 未淋沥已风化样*
      ii) BS 6341 Fabrics for camping tents 野营帐篷织物燃烧性
      E class - (suitable for roof 适用于篷顶类产品 )
      F class - (suitable for ridge 适用于帐篷脊背类产品)
      G class - (suitable for walls 适用于帐篷壁类产品)
      H class - ( suitable for flooring element 适用于铺地产品)
      using BS 5438:1976 (after one leaching/flexing according to BS5651)
      iii) BS 7837 Marquees and similar textile structres 大帐篷及类似结构
      (after one water soaking according to BS5651:1999)
      i. Curtains and drapes 幕布和窗帘
      BS 5867-2 Fabrics for curtains and drapes 幕布和窗帘用布
      A 型:BS 5438:1976 test 3 or test 2
      i) Without Flame Retardant (After I Wash) 无阻燃剂(洗1次后)
      ii) Treated with Flame Retardant (After 12 Washes) 阻燃剂整理(洗12次后)
      B型:BS 5438:1976 test 2
      i) Without Flame Retardant (After I Wash) 无阻燃剂(洗1次后)
      ii) Trea, ted wi, th Flame Retardant (After 12 Washes)
   j. Rate of burn standard for sleeping bags 睡袋燃烧速率
      i) CPAI - 75 国际工业用布协会第75号标准
      ii) ASTM F1955 Flammiability of sleeping bags 睡袋的燃烧性

12. Surface Flammability of Carpets and Rugs 地毯燃烧测试

13. Durability of Applied Designs and Finishes to Dry Cleaning* 印花花纹和整理剂

14. Wettability 润湿度*

15. Absorbency of Bleached Textiles 漂白纺织品的吸水性

16. Air Permeability 透气性

17. Water Vapour Permeability index 透湿指数

18. Thermal Stability of Coated Fabric 涂层织物之耐热性

19. Resistance to Blocking* 抗阻塞性

20. Water Vapour Transmission 透湿性

21.Dry Fit function 快干综合功能

22. Cold Bending Test for Coated Fabric* 涂层织物的低温弯曲度测试
   ASTM D2136

23. Brittleness Temp. of Plastic Sheeting* 塑料脆化温度
   ASTM D1790 (Temp. should be provided)   ASTM D2136

24. Antistatic 防静电*
   AATCC115   BS EN 1149-1   AATCC 76   DIN 54345

25. Themal Resistance 保暖度*
   ASTM D1518

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